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With a team of specialized university graduates enjoying a long and varied experience in the IT industry, we provide our clients, whether in their homes or offices, with high quality support and maintenance across a wide spectrum of computer and network environments.

Be it through a yearly maintenance contract or based on timely requests, our IT experts can provide you with their support in the following areas:

After Sale Support

  • Free Of Charge - Macrotronics will maintain, repair and even replace free of charge any equipment or device purchased from its shops, provided it is still covered by the Warranty agreement. The free of charge service also includes helpful guidelines and instructions on modes of usage. All Macrotronics clients are entitled to get this service upon submission of the relevant product invoice, within normal working hours and in Macrotronics premises only.
  • Charged Services – For a certain fee, Macrotronics would take care of whatever onsite installations you require upon purchase, and provides you with the maintenance and repairs you need onsite or in our workshop, whichever way you prefer.

Contractual Maintenance

The option of signing a Maintenance Contract guarantees you a safer working environment at a lower cost and with a minimum to no downtime.

Why go for Contractual Maintenance? When you sign up for a maintenance contract your financial advantages can be summarized in the fact that: a) your average yearly IT expenses would be lower than they would be if you choose to pay for your repairs and setups on a case-by-case basis, and b) a fixed annual rate makes budgeting easier.

Other advantages include getting priority over on-call clients, being entitled for special promotions and offers and getting round the clock support and on-site assistance after normal working hours. To top it all, no extra charges apply on workshop time, hence your deficient hardware/software that was repaired in our workshop is covered by the contract.

Computer Tune up and Upgrades

Is your computer acting strangely? Are programs slow to open? These are signs of virus or spyware. Your desktops and laptops need a tune-up every once in a while and upgrades are of great importance for the stable operation of your devices.

Macrotronics knows how to help you cross-out spine chilling expressions like "my computer froze!", "I had to do a forced shut down!", "I lost the file Ive been working on for hours", "Irrecoverable error!" and so on.

Don t wait for the irremediable to happen. Be pro-active and let a specialist help you manage your hardware and software responsibly. Macrotronics specialists will tune-up your systems for you, upgrade your software and back-up your data as necessary. However, when the unthinkable happens and you think your data is totally lost, they can also try to recover it their way!

Other Services

Our line-up of services includes also the less usual such as:

  • CD/DVD burning and printing - It is a big quantity and you need it fast! Come over and we will take care of it, for we are perfectly equipped for that.
  • Plastic card printing – High quality cards are available in a variety, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, Membership Cards, Phone Card, Gaming Cards, Promotional Cards, Custom Cards, Photo ID, Staff Cards, Access Cards, Event Passes, Conference Passes
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